I have never heard about such a service... Ferruccio Messini / Italy

I have never heard about such a service and I was curious to find out what it was like! I book my helicopter transfer and I really remained speechless! It was amazing and I spent some great time! Thank you guys from! I am very pleased with the great organization, the alternative unique experience and your kind hospitality! For sure if I come back to Istanbul, I will use your services again!

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I have been in Istanbul several times.... Henri Tetler / Germany

I have been in Istanbul several times and I have already visited all main places of interest! Considering this I was looking for a good alternative option and I encountered the service of! They offered me to take part in a helicopter tour and experience again the beauty of the Turkish capital! And now as I come to think of it was amazing! It was a real adventure for me and I have never seen such kind people who were at my convenience any time I wanted! Funny as it may seem but before I took part in this helicopter tour, I had thought I had already enjoyed the best of Istanbul!

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As I am an adventurous type of person keen on flying... John Abbott / USA

As I am an adventurous type of person keen on flying, I wanted to use the service of because it seemed quite attractive for me! The air taxi service was well organized and everything was coordinated with my wishes and needs! I am very pleased to be their client and strongly recommend you to use this unique helicopter service if you are traveling to Istanbul!

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Usually I am afraid of heights! Maria Ivanova / Russia

Usually I am afraid of heights! Flights and everything related to them scares me to death! But this company promised me that they would make my experience safe and even pleasant! At first I didn’t believe but I decided to try to overcome my fear! And to be honest as I was in the helicopter, I didn’t have the feeling that I was flying! The view was so breathtaking that I even didn’t have time to think about the height! And I also have to say thank you to all these people from that actually make my experience so unforgettable and what’s more I have enjoyed some of the best landmarks in Istanbul! And all this was only in a couple of hours!

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Apart from the unique service this company offers... Petkov Raychev / Bulgaria

Apart from the unique service this company offers, I really liked the way they organized everything around the trip! Efficiency, comfort and kind staff are just enough for your pleasant experience! What else may a traveler need?? Thank you! Hope to see you again in Istanbul!

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